One of the powerful tools Norbit provides, is the ability to engage with your customers when they're at home, work, or anywhere outside your shopping centre. It gives you the chance to have your 'brand in hand' and communicate and incentivise people to visit. This can be done a number of ways.


Competitions/draws are a great way to engage customers wherever they are. Enter to win competition can be setup to require the use of the customers point balance to enter. This helps to reduce the number of points your program has available, without the high cost of providing a prize for all users. Offering a prize that reinforces your customers return to your centre are really effective. An example:

Win $50 to spend at Norbit Shopping Centre!
5 points per entry, enter as many times as you like. Competition ends in 5 days.

This encourages your customers to:

  1. Interact with your brand when they may not have been thinking about you.

  2. use their points, and the more they enter the greater chance they have to win. 

  3. return to your Centre to collect the prize. The winner receives a centre gift voucher, ensuring they have to visit to collect, and continue visiting to spend the gift card in store.

Accompany with a push notification: Setup the competition, then send a push to all users letting them know the competition has began. Remind them again a day before the competition closes.


Deals/offers/discounts play an important role to your program, always offering value for your customers. You can leverage great discounts to get people spending sooner by setting a short time limit or limited number available. For example, a deal similar to below:

50% off all purchases at Norbit Fashion store for the next hour!
Hurry, deal ends at 3pm!

By sending a push notification to support this deal, you can create urgency to visit the centre and participating store(s).  There's nothing like a short deadline to motivate people.

An alternative to the above.

50% off all purchases at Norbit Fashion store for the next 5 customers!
Hurry, first in best dressed!

Similarly to the above, this creates urgency. It also creates a sense of delight, as customers rush to see if they are one of the lucky customers.

These are just a few examples, and we encourage you to experiment and share your success stories with us!

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