Random Rewards allow you to send deal or prizes, at random, to a segment of customers that you choose. To get started, under the reward section, go to 'Random Rewards and click on 'Add Reward'.


Select the retailer or retailers the random reward will be available from

Start Date & Time

Set the date and time you'd like to send the random rewards (or tick activate immediately if you'd like to send them immediately).

Expiry Date & Time

Set the date and time you'd like the random reward to expire. Once this date and time is reached, the random reward will be removed from the customer's app.

Allocation Amount

Set the number of these rewards you'd like to distribute


Select the group you'd like to send random rewards to

Hero Banner

Upload your reward hero banner artwork here.
Optimal dimensions 1048 wide x 498px high (JPG/PNG, Max 1MB)


Add the number of points required to redeem the Random Reward. If free, enter '0'.


Enter the name of the reward deal or prize. For example: 20% off all shoes / Free coffee or tea


Enter the reward deal or prize description and any terms and conditions. For example, 20% off all shoes at Norbit Shoe Store! Not available with any other offer. Only while stocks last. Show the staff member this offer and then scan the QR code to redeem.

Success Screen Options

Choose what will show after the customer redeems this deal.

Default Success Screen - This displays "Congratulations! You have claimed [deal name] at [retailer/store name].

Customer Review (only shows on deals) - Shows a 1-10 scale of satisfaction and optional comments field.

Collection Message

This message will appear after the customer taps the 'Redeem' button. It gives them instructions on where to scan. Eg: Scan the QR code at Norbit Shoes to redeem this deal.


This will alert customers via a push notification and a message sent within their app that they have won a random reward.

Title - A short title. For example, You've won a Random Reward!
Message - A longer message to explain what they've won. For example, You're the lucky winner of a free coffee. This reward is available just for you, please redeem it by [date].

Tap 'Save' Button to finish.

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