Closer to the AR Hunt start date, In the CMS an AR Hunt competition will have been created for you with placeholder content. 

When adding in your own content, click on the 'Edit' button, add your content and click on 'Save' to complete the process. 

Please follow the guide below for each type of content.

Artwork you will require:

The below is a reference for the artwork required for this setup. Please see the section below for details on what they represent in the app.

  • Hero banner - 1048px wide x 676px high (under 500 KB, JPG or PNG)
  • Locked card for each target animation - 400px wide x 552px high (under 500 KB, JPG or PNG)
  • Prize hero banner (if offering a prize to complete the hunt) - 1048px wide x 484px high (under 500 KB, JPG or PNG)

Content Uploading:


Enter the name for the hunt. Eg. "Halloween AR Hunt!"

How to play Instructions

Enter instructions for the AR Hunt for your customers. E.g. "Follow the clues and find the hidden presents throughout the centre. For each present, scan the marker on the floor to see it come to life! Find all 8 and win a lucky prize!"

Start Location

Enter the location of where the first AR Hunt target marker is installed or where users get information on where to start the hunt.

Points Awarded

Enter the points awarded for completion of the hunt. If you don't wish to offer points, enter '0'.


Enter the start and end date of AR Hunt.

Hero Banner

Upload your hero banner artwork - this will appear on the 'Win' tab in the app, and also at the top of the AR Hunt details screen.

Frequency Settings

  • Once Ever - customers will only be permitted to complete the hunt once
  • Unlimited - customers can complete the hunt multiple times. If you have assigned points for completion, they will receive the set amount of points each time the hunt is completed. If you are giving out a prize for completing the hunt, they will only recieve the prize once the first time they complete the hunt.

Without Prize and Completed Message Setting

If you are planning to reward customers for completing the hunt with a prize, leave this box unticked.

If you tick without prize, no prize will be offered for completing the hunt. Instead the customer will see a completed message.

The completed message will also show when users complete the hunt on the second time or more because they win prizes only once.


Use this section to add content for each target the customer has to find to complete the hunt. 

  • Name: Enter the name of the target
  • Hint: Enter a hint to guide the customer to the target's location (for example, "You'll find this near the toy section")
  • Success Message: a message that shows on the app screen when users find the target.
  • Locked card target image: The image the customer will see in the app before they find the target. This works best as a sequential number sequence, for example with 8 targets, the unrevealed target image would be 1-8 (see screenshot)

Note: The content below this point will not appear if you chose "Without Prize" in the earlier steps. 

Prize Name

The name of the prize you'd like to reward customers for completing the hunt.

Prize Description

The description of the prize you'd like to reward customers for completing the hunt.

Prize offered by

Select the retailer that the prize will be collected from.


Enter the number of prizes you have to give away.

Prize Hero Banner

Upload the prize hero banner artwork. This will appear in the prize tab to identify the prize when the customer is rewarded for completing the hunt. 

Collection Message

Enter in the instructions to claim the prize. Example, "Scan the QR code at [Retailer Name] to collect your prize."

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