Norbit's audience management feature allows you to tailor which rewards and competitions (and push notifications) are seen by different customer segments, enabling you to target more relevant content. 

The steps to follow are below:

  1. Create an audience:  In the CMS, go to customers, then click the "Manage Audiences" button at the top right of the page

     2. Then click "Create New Audience":

     3. Name your audience, something that you'll remember, such as "Females -                     Fashion - 17-35", and a description.
     4. Create the segment using the drop down options in the segment builder. 

     5. Click save.

Using the segments

The segments you create will now appear in Messages, Rewards, and Competitions. 

Example Prize/Deal/Competition/Message Creation:

To create a Prize/Deal/Competition/Message that is only shown to this segment, follow the steps below (Prize setup shown, but the same steps can be followed for Deals, Comps and Messages).

  1. In the CMS, click Rewards - Prizes
  2. Click "Add Prize" Button
  3. Complete the Prize as normal, selecting your audience from the "Target Audience Dropdown". Then Save

By doing the above, the Prize/Deal/Competition/Message will only be displayed to customers who are in the segment you've created.

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