Apple has recently enforced the requirement to include Sign in with Apple as the first sign in option, if third party logins such as Facebook Login is available.

As a result all Norbit apps will be updated to include this feature. The feature provides the benefit or customers being able to use touch ID, face ID or their Apple passcode to sign in. 

Customers will need to ensure their Apple ID email is the same as the email they have used to create their app account in order to see their history in the app. The following is suggested for emailing iOS customers, to inform them of the change, in addition to some FAQs to add to your website. 

We recommend a push to be sent after you have sent the email to customers, to alert them of the changes and to refer to the email sent to them.

Email Copy


Update to the [Centre Name] Rewards App



Thanks for being a valued [Centre Name] Rewards member. We have made some updates to our app which you will see when you next update your app. 

We have included steps below for you to complete and ensure your points balance transfers. 

  1. Note down the email you use for your [Centre Name] Rewards App
    You can find this in your profile section of the app.
  2. Update Your App.
    Search for [Centre Name] Rewards App in the app store and update
  3. You’ll now see an Apple Sign In option (iOS 13 and above)
    This is a new option, allowing you to sign in with touch ID, face ID, or your Apple passcode. 
  4. Sign in.
    You can continue to sign in with the option you had previously (Facebook Login or Email). If you choose to use Apple Sign in and would like to keep your account history, your Apple ID must be the same as the email you used to create your [Centre Name] Rewards Account. When prompted, you’ll need to select the ‘Share My Email’ option.

You’ll also see Prizes and Deals combined into one Rewards section. We’ve added some great Rewards for you and will keep updating them.

If you need help with the update, please see the FAQs on our website, visit Centre Management or email [insert best email address].

Many thanks,

The Centre Management Team

FAQs for Website:

How do I find the email I use for my rewards app?
You’ll find this in the profile section of the app.

I want to use Apple ID, but signed in with Facebook or Email previously
You can sign in with your Apple ID. To ensure you see your account history, you will need to ensure your Apple ID is the same email as the one you use on your Rewards app account.  Tap Sign In with Apple, and select the Share My Email option when asked in the app. 

If you’re not sure what your Apple ID is, you can find this on your phone. 

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Tap Your Name (first option)
  3. Tap Name, Phone Numbers, Email
  4. Find your email address under the CONTACTABLE AT section. 

I want to login with email but have logged in with Facebook or Apple previously.
To do this:

  1. Tap the Forgot Password Link on the app login screen.
  2. Enter your Facebook or Apple ID email into the email sign in section of the app. 
  3. Check your email (if not received, check your spam/junk folder)
  4. Set a new password.
  5. Login with your new password.

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