Dear Retailer,

Thank you for your support of our Rewards App program. We have had fantastic uptake and feedback from customers, and as a result we are expanding the marketing channels that you can use to promote your business, to reach even more customers and drive even more sales into your individual stores.

What's being added?

In addition to our Rewards app, we will now also promote the loyalty offers and your store events (such as product launches, new items, new season stock etc) through:

  • Email Marketing to a wider range of customers

  • Deep segmentation so the customers you want for your store are targeted

  • Push notifications to target specific customers with targeted offers

  • Website promotion. Your offers will be advertised on our website

  • Social media promotion - we can now target specific segments in our social media channels, ensuring the highest number or most relevant people see your store promotions. 

What's needed from you?

The new advertising channels and app are FREE for you to use to promote your stores. The program will only be successful with exclusive and attractive offers from our retailers, so we will need your help supplying offers to attract customers and drive sales in your store. What do we need from you?

  • Great offers. Offers should only be available to Centre Rewards Members. You have full control of the offer availability dates, terms and conditions, number of offers available, and how often each Member can redeem the offer, and you can let us know the type of customer you would like to target (age, gender, interests).

  • Inform your staff of the centre rewards program and of the offers you advertise and ask them to proactively let customers know about the Centre Rewards Program and the offer your store is running.

  • We will need a QR code on display or available to present to customers when they wish to claim your offer in-store. Customers will need to scan the QR code we have provided you so we can report the success back to you. 

  • Artwork. If you have an image or artwork for your offer you can send it to us. We can also design the offer at no cost to you.

  • Promotion of your offer. Use your marketing channels and in-store sales to promote your offer. While this isn't a requirement, it will provide you the best redemption numbers and sales. 

How to submit an offer?

Our dedicated team will be in touch via email and in person to consult with you on an offer that will get the best results for your store. You can also submit an offer via email or using our simple online form.

The Program is designed to attract more customers into our Centre and into your stores. The more we can collectively promote the benefits of the Centre Rewards Program the more successful it will be. 

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