Norbit's QR scanner can be used by your centre to encourage customers to track which retailers they have visited. This can align with your COVID-19 safety measures, letting customers know that you are also offering customer tracking at each store.

How to communicate this with retailers:

Ask retailers to proactively request customers to enter the store to download your centre app, and scan the QR code using the buy and scan QR button. This should be encouraged even if the customer does not make a purchase - the points are an incentive to record their movements through the centre.

The QR code scanned should be placed in a seperate sign, with messaging such as "Scan here to record your visit".

You can also place a sign with a QR code that provides the simple steps to do so.

How to communicate this with customers:

Promote this with your customers through your usual measures - via app push, email, website, and your social channels.

"To further enhance your safety, and to enable quick communication with our community, we are asking you to scan at the retail stores you visit. In the rare case a COVID-19 case is tracked back to our centre, this will allow us to quickly let you know and allow for prompt testing."

To reward you for doing so we are offering [insert competition, prize, reward etc].

How does this help tracing?

The data collected can be used to find out which individual customers visited a store at any date and time. Should one of your customers test positive, and are found to have visited your centre and retailers, the tracking will enable you to search for and directly contact all the customers who visited and scanned on the same day and time via push notification and/or email.

If you do not want to offer points for the QR code scan, please let us know and we can assist with a unique QR code for you.

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