Driving spend is a key driver for many shopping centre campaigns. Norbit allows you to mimic this in a number of ways, outlined below.

OPTION 1: Rewards/Free gift with purchase.

You can setup a reward that is only available when a defined amount is spent in one transaction. To do this, setup your reward as you normally would, and ensure the artwork states the minimum purchase amount needed to redeem.

For collection at the retailer, let your retailers know that the free gift should only be provided when a customer has spent the minimum amount. Your customer will scan and redeem the reward as they normally would so you can keep a track on how many have been collected.

Note: We suggest for these campaigns, the option to 'reserve prize' is switched off.

If you prefer to have your prize collected at Centre Management/Customer Service: In the deal description, add into the text "please bring your receipt to customer service to collect your free gift", and set the retailer the prize is offered by to centre management. The customer will scan and collect their prize by scanning the QR code at Centre Management or the customer service desk (whichever applies).

OPTION 2: Instant Win for minimum spend

If you'd like to run a Scratch and Win competition, but have it only apply to a minimum spend amount, you can use the Points Range feature of the platform. To create a second QR code for each retailer, go to Points -> points for purchase -> create a second points range. Click update.

When you go to your retailers and click download QR codes, you'll see a 2nd code is available for each - this is the code you will use to trigger the Scratch Card.

Setup your scratch card, and select the second range under the "Minimum purchase to receive a scratch card" section. Now the Scratch card will only appear when the second QR code range is scanned, which the retailer will show the customer once they've spent the minimum amount.

Note: If you'd like to check the receipt before triggering the Scratch Card, you can set the Scratch Card to only work with the Centre Management QR code. Customer's will bring their receipt to Centre Management, show the receipt, and then your customer service member can show them the QR code to scan.

If you'd like assistance setting up a minimum spend campaign, please contact us and we'll be happy to help!

OPTION 3: Spend minimum amount to enter a competition

There are two ways you can use the app to offer this.

The first is using the second QR code range. Using the second QR code range as described above, when a customer spends the minimum amount required, the retailer asks them to scan the relevant QR code. This creates the entry, and you can choose a winner by downloading the purchase points from the participating retailers, and choose a winner.

The second option is the external URL feature in the WIN section. Using an online form with photo upload functionality (you can do this using your website form builder, or dedicated services like Jotform, Shortstack, Formsite etc). Field's collected should include first name and last name, and upload photo button.

Publish the form, and copy the URL. Create an external URL competition, add the URL, set the start and end dates and save. You'll be able to choose a winner from the app CMS entry list, and check the receipt from the external form entries.

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