The Special QR code feature allows customers to check-in to the stores they visit in your centre to ensure all precautions are taken. If a covid case has been traced to a store, you have a record of the people who were in-store at the specified time. The app enables you to promptly and simply notify these people via push notification or email/phone.

Complete the below process for each store in your centre as well as any dwell locations such as food courts or kids play areas. Print the special QR code and ensure it is displayed in a prominant location with step-by-step information on how customers can download the app to complete the check-in. This will incentivise people to download the app and stay well-informed.

Simple steps to setting up QR Codes for COVID-19 Tracing:

  1. Navigate to the 'Points' tab and select 'Special QR Codes'

  2. Select 'Add QR Code' in the top right corner.

  3. Fill in the information for each store or area in the vacant fields as per the below example. Create a naming convention that differentiates the QR codes from other marketing. For example, 'Store Name - Check in'.

  4. Ensure you set the Type to No Points.

  5. Set the Frequency to Unlimited.

  6. To set the QR Code to be ongoing ensure your expiry date is at least 6 months from today.

  7. The Target Audience should be set to Everyone.

Finally, include a message that informs the customer that they have successfully checked-in to the location and to provide any additional contact information that may not already be on their profile.

Example only:

Repeat this process for each location.

Should a COVID-19 case be traced back to a store, how do I contact the relevant people?

Follow the below steps to export the contact details of those who have visited a particular store at the specified time.

  1. Navigate to the 'Points' tab and select 'Special QR Codes'

  2. In the 'Action' column, click the 'Scans' button to download all user details who have scanned that code. This will provide you with the timestamps of visits and the users contact information.

For more information regarding QR Code contact tracing and ways to implement this, click here.

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