We know many centre staff members and retailers offer discounts to those who work in centre, and you can use your app to offer this - with so many staff working in your centre, they can also contribute significantly to your sales through your loyalty program.

The below can also assist in your control of what content in-centre staff members see (or restrict special offers for centre staff from the general public).

Step 1:

Setup a retailer - named Centre Staff, making sure you check the box "do not show in the directory". Download the QR code.

Step 2:

Engage your retailers to collect staff deals, or confirm what they already offer.

Step 3:

Create a segment for the staff members. Select shopped at store - Centre Staff - In the last 3 months

Step 4:

Upload your staff deals, and choose the Staff Segment as the target.

Step 5:

Circulate the Centre Staff QR code to your retailer management and ask them to get their staff to scan it to receive exclusive staff deals.

The above can be used for similar scenarios, such as office buildings near your shopping centre, schools, or any group of customers you'd like to target with exclusive offers.

If you'd like more information, have questions or would like us to assist in setup, please contact us.

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