Reach customers whenever you need to, wherever they are. Communicate with them when they are at home, near the centre, or in centre and incentivise your customers to return more often and spend more!

Customers like to be in the know. With Norbit, you can send push notifications to your app community instantly. Use push notifications to:

  • Promote businesses

  • Promote centre campaigns

  • Promote new store openings, trading hours

  • Emergency warnings

  • View how many users have opened your message

  • Anything else you’d like to promote.

Push Notification can be :

  • Sent to all users

  • Sent according to geolocation

  • Sent to segmented audiences right down to individual users

  • Saved as messages within the app

How to send a message:

1. Go to message tab on left menu

2. Click create at the top right

3. Input the message header and body, select whether you want to send the message to a segment or to everyone

4. Select whether you would like it to be a push notification too

5. Select whether you would like to schedule it (“time-based”) or trigger it at a location (“geo-fence”)

a. Time-based: select if immediate, or input scheduled time

b. Geo-fence: draw the fence around the location that you would like people to be notified when inside the fence

6. Click ‘Create’

Message Duplication:

1. Go to 'Messages' on the left menu tab

2. Click on the message that you would like to duplicate

3. Click 'Duplicate' at the top and then set up the message as normal

Want to build a segment? Click here to learn how.

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