Assets you’ll need:

Reward Banner Image

Artwork size for competition banners:

The file type must be JPG

Optimal dimensions 1048 wide x 484px high


Setting up the Reward:

  1. Go to the Rewards tab on the left menu bar

  2. Click the ‘Create’ button in the top right and name your reward

  3. Fill in the Competition details-

  • Name

  • Dates (when and for how long the reward will be available)

  • Reward description (what is the reward, how to claim, T&C’s, etc.)

  • Reward details (inc. purchase prize limits, select the retailer, etc.)

  • Choose collection point for the prizes

  • Choose the target segment

  • Select whether customers have the option to reserve the reward

E.g. [insert retailer] is offering a [promotion or reward e.g. 15% off] all beauty services this weekend only. Scan the QR code at the retailer or redeem on the app and book your appointment.

One reward per customer. Not redeemable on other services. T&C’s apply.

4. Upload the Reward Banners

5. Choose the entry mechanism on the right-hand side of the reward screen and set the usage entry on how many times people can enter and how many rewards you’re giving away

Type of Entry:

  • Free: no points to enter

  • Cost: points to enter

  • Earn: earn points in a defined period to enter

6. Click ‘Create

For examples, click here.

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