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Key Use Case: Rewards

Examples on how rewards can assist you in reaching your objectives.

Written by Alice Haywood
Updated over a week ago

Below are some examples of types of rewards, when to use rewards and how you can use them to reach your objectives and entice app users:

App Exclusive Offers:

Rewards will allow you to give your customers prizes and special deals. Providing rewards for those only on the app provides an extra incentive to encourage new customers to download the app and scan QR codes for rewards and to earn points.

New Store Opening:

Use rewards as an incentive when there's a new store opening, to generate atmosphere and excitement around the new store, access exclusive new deals for the opening and bring more users to the app.

General Rewards:

Running rewards during the week, in quiet periods or just over a general time frame allows your customers to have access to constant deals and specials, encouraging them to use those rewards and visit those retailers. "These kinds of rewards, such as buy one coffee get the second free when you use the app", encourage customers to continue visiting the retailer and continue earning points using the app and is a great way to keep customers coming back.

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