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What content do I need for launch?

Launch content, prepare to launch, engage reatilers

Written by Lavish Lalwani
Updated over a week ago

Launch Quick Reference

When launching the app, the below items are recommended:

App Content:


We recommend at least 5 deals are active when the app is made available for download, and should contain deals that are free to redeem.


At launch we recommend a minimum of 3 prizes:

  1. Points set to match the points for profile completion (this will incentivise people to complete their profile and unlock a prize immediately) - for example a free coffee always works well!

  2. A FREE giveaway to create urgency. Depending on your budget this can be a small value prize available to the first ‘x’ people to download the app

  3. A higher value prize, with a higher level of points to unlock to appeal to longer term savers.


We recommend at least one competition at launch.

A scratch and win campaign is a great way to incentivise immediate use of the app for launch, and can be promoted in the home screen image. It allows you to offer a prize to only a few customers, so prize budget is more manageable.

Alternatively, a standard competition with FREE entry, or 5 points for entry (unlimited entry permitted), is another way to get people excited from first use of the app. 

Supporting Marketing:

Use your available marketing tools to promote the loyalty program.

Ideally you should have:

  • A Point of Sale QR code at each retailer

  • Floor decals or window stickers on each participating retailer

  • 30x40 and other in-centre signage - this should be clear and have a clear CTA to download the app. 

  • Social Media - each piece of content you add to the app should be promoted through social media. Promote the deals and competitions, and it easy for customers to download the app by creating links to both google play and app store.

  • Email Lists - use your email marketing database to let your customers know you have a new app that adds value to their shopping.

  • When providing links, use a URL shortener like so you can track the click throughs to your app

Everyday is a chance to get more customers on the program and gain valuable data from them. 

Getting the most from your program

Remember, like an email marketing program or Facebook, the app is a tool to help you market your centre more meaningfully and better connect with your customers. 

If the app isn’t updated with value regularly, it will lose it’s value for your customers too.

By incorporating the app into all of your activities and keeping content up to date, you’ll get the best value from your app and keep your customers coming back to your centre, and supporting your retailers!

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