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Unusual App Activity

A process to help keep customers within fair use guides of the program.

Written by Gerry Mezzina
Updated over a week ago

We've designed our platform to record unusual activity in user accounts, which can be accessed in the admin. 

The system will track activity that appears out of the expected, such as too many frequent scans. These can highlight misuse by an app user, and you can investigate further each account that's listed in the Unusual Activity section. 

You can address account holders on the list, and we’ve designed the process so that the Centre is never seen as accusing a customer, and a focus on “the system”. We find this allows you to control how you approach your customers. 

In Analytics - Unusual transactions - you can see a list of unusual scanners.

After reviewing, if you believe the activity is suspicious you can:

1. Send them a soft warning email(s) - by sending each user you’re wary of an email - Some guides on wording can be found here

2. Block them - If you choose to ‘block' these customers by clicking the check box, the next time the customer opens the app, they are locked out and receive the following “Our system has detected unusual activity and temporarily suspended your account.  Please contact or visit Centre Management to discuss and re-instate your account.”. You can then discuss with them when they visit centre management, explain the activity, ask for proof of purchase and/or manually remove their points (to do this go to customer, search their email, click edit, scroll down and deduct the points required, click save).

TIP: For anyone collecting a prize of value from centre management, it’s a good idea to check the unusual transaction list and make sure they aren’t listed before handing out the prize. 

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