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Retailer Onboarding: Example Communication to your tenants
Retailer Onboarding: Example Communication to your tenants
Written by Gerry Mezzina
Updated over a week ago

Introducing the New Centre Rewards Program - an initiative to drive foot-traffic and direct sales to your store.  

What is it?

Our Centre will soon launch a customer rewards and loyalty program that uses a customer smartphone app, Email Marketing, Social Media and other digital channels to promote exclusive offers to customers.

It’s a marketing tool to promote your store and our centre to the local community, directly to their phone and digital devices.

The app is designed to better communicate with our customers, and reward loyalty by providing points for shopping at your stores. These points can then be used to unlock rewards and enter competitions. 

The rewards will be designed to drive in-store sales at your store.

What will it cost me?

Nothing - it's FREE to promote your store in our program and the program implementation and marketing is fully funded by Centre Management.
We will ask you to offer incentives such as deals and value added offers designed to promote your store, which are exclusive to rewards members. 

What’s available for my store?

There’s a range of ways available to promote your store, including:

Deals - we will list your store promotions in the app, available for customers to redeem at your store (much like a printed coupon/voucher). Deals can be something you offer always (a discount off purchase), or seasonal (buy one get one, free gift with purchase etc).

Prizes - You can offer customers prizes, that they unlock with the points they have earned. These are used to drive customers back to your store, for example a free coffee, a free blow-dry, a free jewellery clean. These are low cost, and allow you to upsell other products/services when customers visit your store to redeem their prize. 

Competitions  - we can run competitions specifically for your store. This includes enter to win, answer to win, and instant scratch cards. All of these ensure customers must spend at your store for a chance to win.

Communications  - We can send push notifications to our customers’ phones, that promote your business and target the people you would like to attract, letting them know about any sales or promotions you have available. We will also communicate via email, on our social media channels, website and other digital channels. 

A directory listing - your store will have a dedicated section in the app, with your individual details including contact, trading hours, website, and any deal or prizes you have on offer. 

Shopper Data - the app will allow us to understand where individuals are shopping in the centre, and share this with you. This will give us insights about what works best to attract your customers more often.

What do I need to do?

Very little. We know you’re busy, so have made it very simple to be involved. All you are required to do is keep and display a unique QR code, and ask customers to scan when they make a purchase or redeem an offer in your store. 

We will also ask for special promotions you would like to advertise in the Rewards Program. You can provide artwork, or we can design the artwork on your behalf (there's no cost to you for artwork creation).

We will also provide marketing material to help promote the app, and will ask your permission to display this - these may include strut cards. floor decals, and other promotional material. 

What if I have a store loyalty program?

No problem! Our centre loyalty can run alongside yours, and won’t rely on any POS integration. If a customer visits your store and uses the Centre Rewards app, it’s a great cue to ask them to join your store program. 

What does it cost customers?

The app will be free to download for both iPhones and Android Phones.

What’s in it for customers?

Customers can get more from shopping at our Centre. We will award points simply for them visiting the centre, and also award points for when they spend in your store. 

They will also have access to all of the offers available from our retailers, so the more we can promote to them, the more value our customers will get from the program.

Points will be used to redeem prizes, and enter competitions. Centre Management will ensure there’s always plenty of great prizes available.

What else can customers get?

The app has some great customer engagement tools. 

This includes Augmented Reality hunts, QR code hunts. And offering incentives for providing feedback and referring friends and relatives to the centre. 

Everything is designed to increase visitation, foot traffic, dwell time and most importantly sales, and give our locals even more reason to shop with us as often as possible. 

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