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Norbit in action - Full Experience

A full Norbit user journey example

Written by Gerry Mezzina
Updated over a week ago

An example, with fictitious Norbit Village Shopping Centre. 

Kate, a Norbit Village Rewards App user, needs to do her grocery shop and is considering popping into the local competing standalone supermarket. 

She remembers she can earn points and rewards when she shops at Norbit Village Shopping Centre, and opens the Rewards App to see what’s on offer. 

She sees a great offer from The Hairdresser, which requires her to use 150 points to unlock. She checks her points balance, and sees she currently has 125 points. 

Kate knows she’ll get 5 points just for popping into Norbit Village, and another 10 points when she finishes her grocery shop, so decides to head to the Norbit Village Supermarket, instead of her planner visit to the competitor. 

As she enters the centre, she receives her welcome push notification and 5 points. She heads to the Supermarket, completes her shop and scans the QR code, earning another 10 points. She really wants to reserve the Hairdresser's deal, so grabs a quick bite to eat at Caffeine Cafe and earns another 10 points.  

With her new balance of 150 points, Kate goes to the rewards tab in her app, and uses her 150 points to unlock and reserve the Hairdresser offer. She knows she has 7 days to use the offer, so makes an appointment at the hairdresser for the weekend.

She also sees the competition for a chance to win a $50 Norbit Village Gift Card, which costs 10 points per entry. She plans to go shopping after her hair appointment to collect more points, so she has a chance to win.  


  1. You can target and influence where your customers choose to shop, and change their behaviour, even when they are outside your centre and outside trading times.

  2. Points and Rewards ensure that customers ALWAYS have a reason to choose your centre/precinct over another. 

  3. The software is designed to drive foot traffic and sales, and record when a customer visits, where they spend money, what rewards and retail offers they claim, and which competitions appeal to them.

  4. The software encourages cross selling throughout the centre, so all retailers can benefit from the program. 

  5. All your centre marketing can be driven through one platform, which helps to drive your digital database and offer more personalised marketing. 

  6. You can communicate and market to customers and defined customer segments to their most used device, the smartphone. 

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