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Content Ideas for Campaigns

Mix up your marketing calendar with some novelty campaigns celebrating different categories and products.

Written by Emma Wright
Updated over a week ago

If you need to mix up your marketing plan with some shorter quick wins whilst stepping away from the seasonal campaigns, take a look at our content calendar to start you off. These 'micro-holidays' are effective for re-engaging app users as well as being able to support any struggling retailers in a particular market.

They also present an opportunity for you to get creative, whilst planning ahead and filling your app activity calendar - so celebrating them is a win-win! Examples:

  • Donut Day can be celebrated by giving away 20 free donuts with any coffee purchase to the first 20 users to collect, if you have a donut specialist in your centre.

  • Tell a Joke Day could be an answer to win where customers submit jokes and you can pick a winner/s.

In addition to generating extra engagement, these micro-holidays can be used to celebrate the community, team members, your centre and really show who you are as a brand. Examples:

  • Celebrate Small Business Saturday by rewarding double points to those who shop at one of your small businesses on that day.

Please feel free to use this calendar as a guide, and also look for additional holidays as there are plenty to celebrate.



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