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Campaign Codes

Formerly referred to as Special QR codes.

Written by Emma Wright
Updated over a week ago

Campaign Codes are located on the left side panel of your Norbit admin. The Campaign Code feature allows you to generate QR codes that aren’t connected to a retailer’s code. These codes can be set in three different ways depending on your purpose:

1. No points – no points are given or subtracted when scanned

2. Earn Points – points are given when the code is scanned

3. Subtract Points – points are deducted once the code is scanned

You can also set the following parameters:

1. Start and end date and time

2. Numbers of scans permitted per person

3. Total times the code can be scanned

4. The message that appears after a code is scanned.

To download the QR code you have created, go back to the Campaign Code tab and press the download button at the far right of the Campaign Code name in the table.

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