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Key Use Cases: Messages

When should you use a message or push notification.

Written by Emma Wright
Updated over a week ago

Here are some examples of when to use this feature:

Notify winners of a competition:

Some poeple may have downloaded the app due to the incentive of the competition. Announcing winners via the app ensures they are keeping the app on their phone with notifications on.

New rewards & competitions:

Push notifications are a great way to inform people of when a competition has gone live or new rewards have been added. By reminding them that you're there and rewarding their visit, they may choose your centre over a competing centre.

Communicate deals for a particular segment:

For example, if you have done an acquisition campaign, you can build a segment of your new users from the campaign date range and communicate your welcome and thanks, and offer them an exclusive reward. Learn how to build a segment.


Remind a customer that their reward that was given during a campaign will expire if they do not collect.

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