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Points: How to

How to set and manage points in the admin.

Written by Sinead Harte
Updated over a week ago

The below serves as a guide to how the majority of Norbit customers assign points.

Note: You have full flexibility to change/manage points as required.

Earning points:

  • Points for entering the centre- 5 points

  • Points for making a purchase- 10 points

  • Points for completing user profile- 20-50 points

  • Points for referring other people to download the app- 20 points

  • Points for birthday- 50-100 points

  • Milestone points- reach 100 points, get awarded 15 points; reach points, get awarded 30; reach 3000, get 50; reach 5000, get 100; reach 10000, get 200.

Using points:

We suggest a range of prizes/deals and competitions with different values and point requirements to redeem.

Rewards: A free coffee is usually 40-50 points, while something like a GoPro is set at 500 points or more. You'll have complete control of this and can change it as needed in the CMS, based on the value of the prizes.

Competitions are a great way to get back points without rewarding everyone. For example, a Gift card/Voucher can be set up as a competition that costs 10 points to enter (and set up with unlimited entries per user)- so if I have 100 points I can enter 10 times, reducing my points and incentivising me to spend again.

Deals should be free to use if they are not exclusive to the app member, however for great deals, like 50% off or app member-only offers, you can set a requirement to unlock the deal using points (e.g. use 50 points to redeem this deal).

Setting up points:

  1. In the CMS go to the Points menu

  2. Fill in the details of the Points- points purchase range, dates for the bonus points, bonus points (e.g. offering double or triple points), the number of points per transaction etc.

  3. Select the retailers involved, from the drop-down menu in Bonus points and select whether you want to restrict scanning to the retailers opening hours with the blue button in the top right-hand side of the points screen.

  4. Set purchase scan limit (how many transactions the customer can complete in one day)

  5. Click 'Save'

Remember, this is a guide and points can be changed at any time. Points are used to gamify the experience, not as a percentage of dollars spent. If you feel you're giving away too many prizes, simply adjust the points needed to redeem when you next add prizes to your program.

Hint: Make sure your app terms and conditions include a clause that 'points are subject to change without approval' and 'points have no monetary value and cannot be transferred or exchanged for cash'.

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