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Bonus Points

How to create and manage bonus points in the admin.

Written by Sinead Harte
Updated over a week ago

Running Bonus Point campaigns are a great way to attract users with a short term promotion. It also allows you to get them into the habit of scanning for points whenever they make a purchase.

Bonus points are a great way to support new store openings (bonus points for the opening store only) or to support stores that require marketing support.

How to setup bonus points:

  1. In the CMS, go to the Points tab on the left menu sidebar

  2. Scroll down the page to the Bonus Points section

  3. Fill out the Bonus Points details- how many points, which retailers, start and finish dates

  4. Click 'Update' in the top right corner

To make the most out of Bonus Points, there are some extra steps you can do:

  • Send push notifications:

  • Promote the competition through your social media platforms

For example:

If your local sporting team wins a big game;

"To celebrate our team winning the big game, we're giving away double points this weekend only! Every purchase made will earn you bonus points. Just scan the QR code.

Don't have the app? Download it today!

For the customers:

  1. If they don't have the app, they download the app and log in

  2. App users then scan the QR codes when making any purchases. They'll receive confirmation of their scan and bonus points

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