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A Guide to Reports

How to use and manage reports in the admin.

Written by Sinead Harte
Updated over a week ago

Reports can be a useful tool to see, analyse and use data for future campaigns, to see the success of previous campaigns, to identify shopping patterns or for general review. In the Norbit App, you'll have a variety of reports you are able to access through the admin.

How to view reports:

  1. In the admin go to the 'Reports' tab on the left menu sidebar

  2. Scroll down the page to find a variety of reports

  3. At the top of the 'Reports' screen, you can select a variety of filters for the reports

Reports can be viewed for a variety of areas and can be filtered depending on:

  • Retailer- (provide a specific retailer with data regarding their reward)

  • Demographics

  • Points

  • Competitions

  • Rewards- (how many rewards have been redeemed)

  • Customer Segment- (select a particular segment, e.g. staff to view data and see how successful staff deals have been)

  • Set time frame- (look back at past school holidays to view app data in a set time frame)

  • Unusual Activity reports- (See here for more information on Suspicious Activity)

  • App Referrals and Social Media Shares

  • Shopper behaviour patterns and profiles

You are able to use these reports as statistical material to create reports, share successful data or for the retailers to see the success regarding rewards, These reports can also be used for future campaigns, to see how they went, what was successful and what could be changed. They are a useful analytical tool for future campaigns and general centre management.

In the reports tab, you can also view any customer feedback, provided by app users. This can be useful to understand what customers think of the app, what they'd like to see or what has or hasn't worked and can be a useful tool for future changes and rewards.

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