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Key Use Cases: QR Hunt

Using QR Hunts to reach your objectives.

Written by Alice Haywood
Updated over a week ago

QR Hunt's can be used to engage and interact with customer's, especially during major events such as new stores launches, school holidays and major holidays such as Christmas and Easter.

It's a great interactive tool for customers. Hide QR codes around the precinct, ask customers to find and scan these hidden QR codes and when they do, they'll unlock a free prize and learn some fun facts along the way. This is a great tool to increase foot traffic in potentially quieter areas of centres and bring people across the whole centre, to see what there is to offer and find QR codes to win a prize.

For example:

Create a fun and interactive Safari QR Hunt, by placing pull up banners with QR codes around the centre during the school holidays. These banners can include fun facts about a particular animal, once they scan the QR Code of that animal they are one step closer to completing the hunt. Ask app users to find all the hidden codes and scan them to win a free prize!

Try an exclusive school holidays kids meal from each food court retailer in school holidays to unlock a prize! This could be set up as a QR hunt, and when the exclusive item is ordered, they scan via the QR hunt in the WIN tab to get one step closer. This is a similar mechanic to a deals passport.

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