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Key Use Cases: External Campaigns

Examples of how External Campaigns can be implemented

Written by Sinead Harte
Updated over a week ago

External Campaigns are an excellent way to incorporate the use of your app to push users to an independent competition or campaign. By promoting external campaigns on your app, you can leverage and obtain valuable customer insights. See below for examples of how to incorporate External Campaigns through your app.

Competition on your website

For a competition that is run through your website and is being promoted via EDM or social media, also promoting via your app will provide you with further exposure. By adding a banner and pushing users to enter via an External Link in the ‘WIN’ tab, can help to increase user engagement and allows you to capture valuable data.

To run alongside your banner in the 'WIN' tab, sending a push notification to app users ensure that they are aware of your external campaign. From this push notification, you can direct users to the ‘WIN’ tab directly.

Incorporating your app will provide reachability to your users directly, without the risk of your competition being lost in EDMs and on social media feeds.

Managing In-Centre Spend

For a competition that encourages user spend, you can incorporate your app with an external campaign. When endorsing customer spend via a competition, getting users to upload a photo of their receipt to an External Link via the ‘WIN’ tab will allow you to capture this information securely. By hosting an External Campaign through the 'WIN' tab, you can choose a winner from the entries in a seamless way.

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