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Key Use Cases: Earn to Win

Using Points & Earn to Win to Reach Your Objectives

Written by Sinead Harte
Updated over a week ago

An Earn to Win allows customers to enter a competition in your app, after accruing the required number of points that are specified in an Enter to Win competition during the start and end date of the competition. Customers can earn points by completing the following actions:

  • Using the Buy and Scan Feature

  • Entry Points

  • Profile Completion

  • Friend Referrals

  • Birthday Points

  • Milestones.

To drive the use of the buy and scan feature in your app, you can make it an entry requirement for a user to use their points. For example, by setting the entry requirements for the competition at 50 points, users would have to have at least 50 accrued points during your specified campaign period to enter into it. This would encourage users to utilise the buy and scan feature (or completing other actions listed above). Once a user has collected the required points, they will be able to enter the competition. The points are not subtracted from their points balance, rather it allows entry into the competition.

You are able to choose which of the above actions can obtain points. If you would like to only include buy and scan points, you will need to specify in your terms and conditions that users can only use their purchase points to enter. When selecting a winner, you will need to check their transaction history to ensure that they meet the requirements.

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