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Key Use Case: Email Trigger Feature

Examples of how to use the email trigger feature in the 'Rewards' tab in the new admin.

Written by Sinead Harte
Updated over a week ago

The email trigger feature serves to send an email to a nominated email address when users redeem a reward. This feature is useful for high ticket items, or for retailers to know who have redeemed a reward at their store. Below are some examples of how you can use the email trigger feature in your apps ‘Rewards’.

To activate this feature, in the ‘Rewards’ tab, switch on the ‘Email Notifications on Redemption’ on the right-hand side of your screen. You will then need to enter your nominated email address. This could be a Centre or Marketing Manager or a Store Manager from a retailer.

Centre Marketing Manager

If Centre Management were offering a high-ticket item as a reward, activating the email trigger feature, with the Marketing Managers email address could be utilised as confirmation for reward redemption. If you needed to send an email confirmation to the user as well, the email trigger feature will provide you with the user’s email as well. It could also be used to notify Centre Management of any reward that is redeemed in-centre.

Store Manager

You may also choose to activate the email trigger feature in your 'Rewards' tab if a retailer's Store Manager would like to know which users have redeemed a reward at their store. This may be important for the retailer's Store Manager if they want to add another step to a ‘Reward’ and send through any follow-up emails to users for store KPI purposes or for confirmation of reward redemption.

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