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Birthday Rewards: How To

How to upload and manage birthday rewards for your users in the admin.

Written by Sinead Harte
Updated over a week ago

Assets you’ll need:

  • Reward Banner Image. This should be a generic birthday message for your users.

  • Artwork size for competition banners:

  • The file type must be JPG

  • Optimal dimensions 1920px wide x 1080px high

  • <500KB

Setting up a Birthday Reward:

  1. Go to the ‘Rewards’ tab on the left menu bar

  2. Go to the menu under the ‘Reward’s title at the top of your screen and select ‘Birthday Rewards’

  3. Fill in the Birthday Rewards details:

  • Reward description (this is where you can wish your user a happy birthday as well as explain the ‘birthday treat’ they are receiving).

  • Select the retailers where the user can redeem their birthday reward.

  • Select the category that your birthday reward will fall under.

  • In the Settings tab in Birthday Rewards, you can select how many days your reward will be active (visible in the rewards tab), whether you will allow users to reserve their reward (for the period specified in the rewards settings) and also, the scanning message that will appear when the reward is claimed.

4. Fill in the details for a Birthday Message. (This will appear as a push notification).

  • Enter in your title

  • Fill in the message that you would like to send to your users. If you would like to tailor the message to be personal to the user, you can use {firstname}.

  • This message will be sent to a customer to accompany the birthday reward and wish your user a happy birthday!

5. Upload a Rewards banner with the dimensions above and ensure that it is tailored to a birthday reward.

6. Click ‘Create’

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