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Link a Competition to a QR Code: How to

How to link a competition to a special QR Code

Written by Tom Clark
Updated over a week ago

This feature allows staff to connect a competition on the app with a QR Code that customers can scan to enter the competition. This allows for greater exposure of the competition through physical mediums and streamlines the process for customers who can now gain access to the competition with the press of a button.

Link a QR Code to a Previously Made Competition

1. Click on 'Campaign Codes' on the menu tab on the left

2. Click 'Create' and name your campaign code

3. Go to Settings>Type and select competition entry. Then select the competition that you would like to link the QR Code to.

3. Fill in the QR Code details:

  • Title

  • Message: The success message users will see when they scan the Campaign QR Code

  • Usage Limit: How frequently can a user scan the QR Code

  • Scan Limit: How many users can scan the QR Code before it runs out

  • Timeframe: Select time period for QR Code to be active

  • Target Segments: Select which users are to be targeted (users who are not in the segment(s) chosen will not be able to scan the QR Code

4. Click 'Create'

Link a Competition to a Previously Made QR Code

1. Click on 'Competitions' on the menu tab on the left

2. Go to Campaign Code Entry and select the previously made QR Code to attach to the campaign

3. Create the rest of the campaign as normal

4. Click 'Create'

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