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App Artwork Specs & Templates

This article provides artwork templates and sizing guides

Written by Tom Clark
Updated over a week ago

The table below provides information on the sizing required for various images located throughout the app. Please find the templates at the bottom of this page.

Aspect Ratio

Recommended Max Dimensions (pixels)

Where It Is Used In The App



600 x 600

  • Winning Card (Scratch & Win Competition)

  • Target Image (AR and QR Hunt Competition)


240 x 240

  • Store Directory

The store listing image is designed to fit neatly within a circle in the app's interface


1920 (W) x 1080 (H)

  • Refer a Friend Banner

  • Complete Profile Banner

  • Milestones Banner

  • Competitions Banner

  • Rewards Banner

  • Retailers Banner (if applicable)

  • Home Page Banners (carousel)

Please make sure that the important information is at the centre of the image. The banners in the app have fixed height and it will be centred vertically.

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