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Key Use Cases: Profile Completion

How to use our Profile Completion feature to your advantage!

Written by Emma Wright
Updated over a week ago

At the time customers download your app, they will be asked to make a profile. This profile will generally consist of a number of fields that will contribute to your customer data reports. These customer profile questions differ depending on the data you wish to capture. For example, the most commonly used profile identifiers are:

  1. Full Name*

  2. Email*

  3. Phone

  4. Date of birth

  5. Locality

Request to change or add fields to further reach your customers by clicking below:


To further incentive your customers to complete their customer profile, you can reward customers with points, prizes or deals.

Points - Use a fixed points reward to incentivise customers to complete their profiles.

  1. Head to Profile within the Points tab of your admin panel.

  2. Set points as a reward

    1. Add an instruction - Example: Receive 20 points when you complete your profile!

    2. Create a completion message

    3. Add a banner that you can choose to add to your rewards tab

Segments - Using target segments, you can select exactly who sees your rewards.

Incentivise your customers to complete their customer profiles by targeting messages, rewards or competitions by creating segments for those with incomplete profiles. Contact us to create this segment for your benefit!

Triggers - Use a lock feature that will unlock when customers complete their profiles.

When creating a reward of your choosing, select the trigger drop-down as seen in the example below and click Complete Profile:

Competitions - Make competitions available to those who have completed their customer profiles.

When creating a competition, tick the request below, found under Entry Type:

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