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Customisable App Home Screen

Send traffic to a landing page, directly to an app competition or to a booking link. Get the most out of the first screen customers see.

Written by Emma Wright
Updated over a week ago

The below serves as a guide to using the Customisable Home Page, designed to enhance the overall user experience and optimise content. This guide will walk you through the basic functionality of the new home screen, providing you with the knowledge and tools to leverage its features and make the most out of your app usage. Customising your home screen means displaying rewards, competitions or promotional banners which link to an external URL on the app home screen; the first screen the user sees.

Note: The following instructions are specific to the latest version of the app. If you haven't updated your app, we recommend doing so to access the full functionality of the new home screen.

As soon as you click 'Update' in the top right, all updates to the Home Screen will be reflected live on all apps.

Setting up Advanced Home Screen Layout:

  1. Go to the ‘Settings’ tab on the left menu bar

  2. Ensure you are in the 'Customise App' tab and under the subheading 'Home'

  3. You will see 'Advanced Layout' below 'Default Layout'.

  4. To activate the advanced Home Screen layout, please click the toggle on.

  • Once clicked, the toggle will appear blue.

Adding Sections to your Home Screen Layout:

  1. Click 'Add Section' button under 'Advanced Layout'

  2. Click the down arrow under 'Section Type'

  • You will be presented with four sections to choose from:

  • App Logo

  • Image with External Link

  • Rewards Collections

  • Competition Collections

  • Once you click a section, it will show on the display screen on the right of the screen - giving you an idea of how this will look.

Utilise 'Categories' when you set up your rewards, offers, competitions and content to only pull through specific content to the home screen under a title of your choosing. This is a great way to effectively optimise and prioritise your content.

Image with External Link

Assets you'll need:

  • External link (Optional) - will redirect to a landing page

  • Artwork size for Image on Home Screen:

  • The file type must be JPG

  • Optimal dimensions 1920px wide x 1080px high

  • <2MB

Setting up Image with External Link:

  1. Click 'Image with External Link' under 'Section Type'

  2. Paste the desired link under 'Link (Option).

  • Should you wish to upload an image to the Home Screen without an external link, exclude a link and proceed to the next step.

  1. Click 'Drop your image here or browse' to upload the image from your device.

  2. If you wish to add another image, please click 'Add Image' under the Drop Image section.

Rewards, Competition and Offers Collections

Setting up Rewards, Competitions or Offers Collections:

1. Click [Reward/Offer/Competition] Collections under 'Section Type'

2. Select between 'Slider View' or 'Grid View'

  • Please see the display screen on the right for an example of each option.

3. Type desired 'Section Title'

4. Select [Reward/Offer/Competition] Category (Optional): This will only pull through content marked with that category.

Click 'Update' once ready to publish to the app. This function is live and will update instantly on current apps. To view your app, please refresh or close/re-open your app.


You can feature a retailer category or all stores on your home page. This can be especially beneficial if you are running a promotion that drives a particular category or if you are having a quiet content period and wish to still optimise the home screen. Follow the same steps as above but for 'Stores'.

Weather Widget

You can add the weather of the location you input into the search bar to add this widget to your home screen.

Other Functions:

  • Deleting Section:

  1. Click the 'Bin' icon on the right of the 'Section' bar

  • Moving Sections:

  1. Click the six dots to the left of the 'Section' bar and drag up/down to your preference

  • View More/Less Under Sections

  1. Click the arrow to face down/up, found next to the bin icon on the right of the 'Section' bar.

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