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How To: Event Bookings, Click-through to Landing Pages, and more

Embed any url into the app with an accompanying banner and description for holistic communications and leverage your userbase.

Written by Emma Wright
Updated over a week ago

Utilise the active users on your platform by streamlining your comms for all events and other externally hosted campaigns and information.

To link content to your app follow the below steps:

  1. Click the 'Competition' Tab in the left menu

  2. Click 'Create' in the top right corner

  3. Select 'Enter to Win' and add your event name

4. Enter the event description, banner, and timeframe and set your target segment.

5. Ensure you select 'Enter via external url' as the Entry Type, and input your URL.

6. Click Create.

I suggest the entry limit to say ‘Unlimited’. This means people can click on your external link unlimited times and access the link information.

If you need to customise the following success screen depending on the content you are linking too, please reach out to

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