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Submit a Technical Support Ticket
Submit a Technical Support Ticket

Something not working? Start here.

Written by Lavish Lalwani
Updated over a week ago

It's quite rare that customers experience problems using our apps, but from time to time you may need some help. 

For optimal performance, please check this link for the devices supported by the app:

If customers are using devices that we support, a list of troubleshooting actions can be found here:

Can't resolve the problem or would you prefer to speak with one of our support staff? Please email with the following info:

  • your name and where you're from

  • the problem/problems you or your customer is experiencing

  • if a customer, the customer's name and email they use for their app account

  • a description of the problem

  • if possible, the phone make and model and app version (see the link above to see where you can find this information.

We'll get back in touch as soon as we can and investigate any issues promptly for you.

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