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Augmented Reality Hunt Troubleshooting
Augmented Reality Hunt Troubleshooting

Helping customers get the most out of AR Hunts

Written by Gerry Mezzina
Updated over a week ago

The following information is to assist customers who request help or experience difficulty and includes information about:

  1. Supported Devices 

  2. Installing your App

  3. How to Play the AR Hunt

  4. Troubleshooting

Supported Devices and App Versions

Please check here for the latest supported devices:

The App version on the phone should be the latest version. To check that the customer has the latest version of your app, ask them to visit the app store, search for your app, and see if an update is available. If no update is available, they have the latest version, If an update is available, ask them to complete the update.

App Installation

Provided customers have one of the supported devices as indicated in the section above, they will be able to follow the instructions below.

Installation on iOS Devices:

  1. Ensure the device is connected to the Internet via Wi-Fi or Mobile Data 

  2. Open the ‘App Store’ app

  3. Go to the ‘Search’ tab

  4. Search for your centre app 

  5. Download your centre app

Important note for iPad users: To find the app in the app store on an iPad, when in the app store the user will need to select the option “iPhone Only” from the filter in the top left hand corner.

Installation on Android Devices:

  1. Ensure the device is connected to the Internet via Wi-Fi or Mobile Data. 

  2. Open the ‘Play Store’ app

  3. Search for your centre app

  4. Download your centre app

How to Play the AR Hunt

Please ensure customers have the app installed on their phone before following the instructions below.

  1. Customer needs to find and scan the image markers around the centre, in order from 1-8. 

  2. Open the centre app

  3. Sign up or login to the app. 

If signing up:

  1. If using Facebook follow prompts

  2. If using email, ask them to verify their email address, which will be sent to their email address (NB - they may need to check their junk/spam folder)

  3. Tap on the WIN tab. 

  4. Tap on ‘Play Now’ on the AR hunt

  5. Read the instructions then tap “Start Hunt”

  6. Find the floor marker as indicated on the app

  7. Tap ‘Scan target’ and aim the phone at the marker to see the Character  appear

  8. Snap some photos using the camera button on screen (photos are saved in the Photos app on iphone or Gallery app on Android)

  9. When all photos are taken, tap ‘continue’ on iOS or ‘done’ on Android. 

  10. Customer moves to the location of the next marker as indicated on the app

  11.  When all 8 are found, they will receive a notification telling them all have been located (and if you are offering a prize, their prize will be displayed in the PRIZE tab


The app won’t download.

Devices must be connected to the internet to download the App. 

If Wi-Fi icon shows a connection but the app is still not downloading, open safari and see if a web page opens.

If not, this means the internet connection is not active. Try re-reconnecting to the internet. 

If Internet is connected and the app won’t download, the customer’s device is not compatible with the app.

I can’t login / it says ‘invalid email’ / I forgot my password

If the customer signed up with their email, please make sure they have verified it. If they have forgotten their password, there is a “Forgot Password?” button on the login screen that they can use to reset their password via the email they signed up. 

I can’t start playing / I don’t see the ‘Play’ button / it doesn’t move to the next target after I tap ‘continue’ or ‘done’

Make sure your app is updated to the required version and the device being used is compatible as explained page 2.

The camera in the app is freezing up / the app is loading for a long time / the character flickers or hangs / get a black screen when scanning

Augmented Reality is an application that requires significant resources to run on the device. Try closing other applications that are open in the background, and ensure the device you’re using is compatible.

Open the app and scan the marker again.

If the problem continues, please restart the app by closing it in the background and opening it up again.

The character isn’t appearing

Make sure customer is scanning the right marker. Make sure they have tapped ‘continue’ on iOS or ‘done’ on Android from the previous marker (if they have not, you will see ‘continue >’ or ‘done’ at the bottom).

If the marker is correct and the Character is still not appearing, try moving the device closer to the floor marker and position is directly over the marker so it sees the full marker clearly. Once the Character is detected and appears, the user can step back to see the character. The floor sticker must remain in the device’s screen.

People in the photo must stand beside or behind the marker, not in front as this obstructs the marker. If people are walking between your device and the marker, this may cause the device to lose sight of the marker. If this happens, you will need to scan the marker again

Reference to check operating system version

For iOS (Apple), the AR Hunt requires iOS 9 or later. 

Check this on the device by going to settings -> general -> about. Check the version.

For Android, the device needs Android version 5 or higher. 

Check this by going to the Settings app -> About device.

Check the number under "Android version" (for example: "5.0.0"). This indicates your device's OS version. If you don’t see “Android version”, look for “Software Info” and tap that to see “Android version”.

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