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Email Verification Troubleshooting
Email Verification Troubleshooting

Steps to manually verify a customer if required

Written by Gerry Mezzina
Updated over a week ago

When a customer signs up using email, they should receive a verification email, they may need to check their spam/junk folder. On rare occasions they may not receive it:

  • They entered their email incorrectly (eg instead of .com)

  • Their email provider is blocking third party email (for example, some corporate emails won’t allow external email through). 

In these cases, steps are:

  • Ask them to check their email spam/junk folder. If they can't find the email. 

  • You can go into the CMS - customers - search for them using their email address or name, and click the “verify” button (this appears only on non-verified accounts). Before doing so, check there’s no obvious errors in the email address.

  • Once verified, you can email to let them know they can log in.

When signing up via email, the user sees a message on their app telling them to check and if nothing received in 15 mins to email you (using the main admin email) - so you can check and verify on the rare occasion the verification email isn’t permitted through to their inbox.

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