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Campaign Codes

More campaigns, better segmentation, and even greater flexibility to engage your customers.

Written by Gerry Mezzina
Updated over a week ago

Campaign QR codes can be found in your Norbit CMS.

The Campaign code feature allows you to generate QR codes separately to retail codes. You can set up special QR codes with a range of options:

1. Earn points - set points to be given when scanned

2. Subtract points - deduct points when scanned

3. No points - points are not earned nor subtracted when scanned

You can also set the following parameters:

1. Start and end date and time

2. Numbers of scans permitted per person

3. Total times the code can be scanned

4. The message that appears after a code is scanned.

Example uses:


COVID tracing.

Centres are creating No points QR codes and placing them at entries, at each retailer, and areas of congregation like food courts and play areas. The app user scans the code with their centre app, which records their details, and time stamps each scan. Should a COVID case be reported in a particular store or area, you’ll have a record of all people who visited, and can send a push notification to the segment, or export their details for email/phone communication.

Step by step instructions for setting up COVID QR codes can be found here.

Event check in

Want to track how many people attend an event? Setup an event QR code, and ask customers to scan as they enter. This records those who attended the event, and you can then create segmented/tailored offers and competitions appear after scanning. For example, check in at the event for your two for one coffee. Once scanned, customers will see the offer appear in the rewards section of their app.

Retailer segmentation/In-Centre staff targeting

You can create a QR code for internal staff members, or circulate to your retailers to scan. Once scanned, you will have created a segment of centre staff, and can send operational push notifications (centre news, reminders, emergencies etc). It will also allow you to promote and track staff member only offers and competitions. An example, the local cafe wants to offer centre staff 10% off purchases, but not make this available to the general public. You can do this using the special QR code staff segment.

Scratch and win/daily visitation offers

You can setup a QR code at the entries of your centre. Customers scan the code to get an instant win scratch card for a chance to win a daily prize.


These can be used to offer points outside of general retail spending. You can create these for pop-up activations and/or inclusion to casual leasing tenants. Do you have a quiet section in your centre, and want to drive traffic there? Award points for visiting the area and scanning the code.


You can use these to run competitions that deduct points from the user when scanned. For example, scan this code for a chance to win a $50 gift card. This can be used in-centre, or for external promotions and activations.

These are also really effective for voting campaigns. An example - promote 3 local charitable organisations or schools, and create a special QR code for each. Display these QR codes in centre, and ask customers to vote for their preferred charity, with the cost to vote being subtracted from their points balance. At the end of the campaign, the organisation with the most points wins a donation/support from the centre. This is a great way to leverage local organisations and their supporter base to shop in centre, then vote for their organisation.

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