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Key Use Cases: Campaign Codes

Use these ideas and example uses of campaign codes to achieve your objective.

Written by Emma Wright
Updated over a week ago

See below use cases that may be helpful to achieve your objective. Don't know what a campaign code is? Click here.

Staff Segmenting

Create a campaign code to identify staff in your precinct or business. Circulate the code only to those who fall into the target audience you wish to capture and develop your segment. Once captured, design and upload the staff offer’s, competitions and giveaways to engage them and familiarise them with the app. You can also send operational push notifications (news, reminders, emergencies, etc). This is an example of a no points campaign code.

Second Entry into a Major Competition

If you are doing a traditional campaign targeting your customers or your catchment, you can use the norbit tool to run parallel to your campaign by offering a bonus entry into a major prize draw for customers who scan this QR code and enter via the app. This not only incentivises downloads for a better chance to win, but also captures all user data in a spreadsheet than can be exported for your edm database. This will be no points cost use. Click here to see a case study.

Donation to Charity

If you are engaged in a partnership with a charity or are exploring different processes for donating to charity, you can create a campaign code that subtracts points. You can display a QR code at an event or in-centre on signage for a charity. If an app user scans this QR code, it can deduct as many points as you wish per scan and represent the customers wish to donate to this charity. Your business can then match the dollar value associated to the points accumulated by the QR code or expresses the popularity of that charity and the centre can then support. This is a great way to engage local organisations and support community causes.

Event Check in

Track and record exactly who is attending an activation or event (or incentivise attendance further) by using a QR code at entry to record attendees details with the option for earn points to enter. Grouping this data can help to create a segment to remarket to with relevant content from that event later. It also assists in understanding your market demographics. Alternatively, if you want to incentivise with rewards instead of points, an example is to check in at the event for your two for one coffee. Once scanned, customers will see the offer appear in the rewards section of their app.

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