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Managing Blocked Accounts

How to manage Blocked Accounts in the admin.

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In the admin, you will be able to view and manage an account that has been blocked. This may be due to a member's suspicious behaviour or incorrect and unusual use of the App. You can investigate a Blocked Account via the Members tab, which is located on the left hand side of the screen.

Suspicious or unusual activity by a user may occur because of too many frequent scans or incorrect entry of data. This may result in a user being Blocked.

Managing a Blocked Account

Within the Members tab, you are able to view and investigate accounts that have been blocked. Blocked members will appear underneath the search bar in Members List tab. From here you can view a Blocked Members Name, Email and Points balance. This can be displayed n the screenshot below.

Unblocking a member

If you need to unblock a user from your members list, you can do so by finding the member's name or email and selecting the 'Unblock' button on the tab on the right hand side. This can be displayed in the screenshot below:

Downloading Transaction History

To investigate the activity of a member, you will need to download their transaction history. This will indicate any unusual activity of a member, (such as scanning too frequently etc.) The screenshot below indicates how to download a blocked members transaction history:

Editing a Blocked Account

To edit a blocked members account, you will need to press the edit tab in the right hand tab next to a members details. This can be indicated in the screenshot below:

From here, you can change any personal details of a blocked account member, as well as add or deduct points. You can add or deduct points on the right hand side of the Edit page. You may need to do this if a member has been blocked for scanning too many frequently at a given time.

Deleting or resending a password reset email to a blocked account

If for any reason you need to Delete an account that has been blocked, you can do so via the more button on the right tab of a blocked members. From the More tab, you can also send a Reset Password Email to the member that has been blocked. This is displayed in the screenshot below:

Notifying a Blocked Account Member


In the Members tab, you will be able to see the message that will be sent to a user if they get blocked. This is located in the Settings tab at the top of the screen, you will be able to view the automated message that is sent out when a member. This message may look something like the screenshot below:

For further information and details regarding Unusual or Suspicious App Activity, please click here.

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