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Exclude a Target Segment: How to

How to exclude Target Segments from another Target Segment.

Written by Sinead Harte
Updated over a week ago

In the admin, you are able to manage and exclude Target Segments within another Target Segment. You may wish to exclude certain segments from rewards, messages or competitions. You can manage all Target Segments via the Members tab, which is located on the menu on the left-hand side of your screen.

Once in the Members tab, navigate to the Target Segments tab at the top of your screen. This will display all of the Target Segments in your app.

To create a segment of users you wish to exclude:

Step One:

Create a new Target Segment for the group of users that you wish to exclude. To create a new Target Segment, navigate to the top right corner of the Target Segment screen to click ‘Create.’ Name the segment and provide a brief description of who you are excluding and why.

Underneath the Description, navigate to the Criteria section. Select whether users will need to fit ‘All’ or ‘Any’ of the criteria. Proceed to the ‘Criteria’ drop down box and select the relevant option. You can exclude a range of different criteria as well by selecting the ‘Add New Criteria’ button.

E.g. If your goal is to create a segment for all users except staff, you would start by creating a Target Segment of anyone who scanned the ‘Staff Segment’ QR code.

After filling out all the information for your segment that you wish to exclude, the process to the top right-hand corner click ‘Create. See below:

Step Two:

Once you have created the segment that you wish to exclude, you will need to make a second Target Segment. These will be the user’s that you wish to target. Enter in the name of your Target Segment and fill in the Description section at the top of your screen.

To create the ‘All Users Except Centre Staff’, it is recommended to make the Criteria for all users who have signed u since the launch date of your app. Select ‘Sign Up Time’ in the Criteria drop-down box and ‘Is After Or On’ in the Action drop-down box. In the Date and Time section, select the launch date and time in the respective dropdown boxes.

See below:

From here, navigate to the ‘Excluded Segment’ section at the bottom. In the drop-down section box, select the Target Segment that you just created to exclude. In this case, ‘Staff Segment’.

In the top right corner of your screen click ‘Create.’ You will now have a Customer Segment that will appear in your Target Segment tab with only the users you wish to include.

Now you have created a segment for all users, excluding staff.

Once all sections have been filled in, click ‘Create’ in the top right corner.

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