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General Troubleshooting
General Troubleshooting

Quick answers to some of the more common user troubleshooting requirements.

Written by Tom Clark
Updated over a week ago

If a user reports any app issues occuring, please ask them to respond with the below information:

  • Do they have the most updated version of the app?

  • What phone do they have (apple or android)?

  • What is their name and sign-up email (it is important to specify the email as they may have signed into the app using a different email to the one they contact you with.)

  • Do they have any screenshots/screenrecords of the error happening?

AR Campaign is not appearing correctly

If a users AR Campaign is not appearing correctly on their app, please ensure that they have the most updated version of the app. The AR competitions require the most updated version in order to function properly for a user.

User cannot see their correct points amount or access any of the correct account history.

Have they logged in with a different email/log in method? Search the users name in the admin panel by going members > check if there is more than one email address to that name, review if the other email address has the correct history and ask the user to change accounts to see correct points and history.

Customer claiming that they cannot redeem a reward at a retailer.

Please go to the retailer tab in the admin and search for the specified retailer. Once clicking on the specified retailer please ensure that their opening hours are correct and that the customer wasn't trying to redeem outside of the app's retailer hours.

Please email if you are experiencing troubleshooting issues that have not been discussed.

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