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Retailers Portal: Submit Rewards
Retailers Portal: Submit Rewards

How to submit rewards for your business via the Retailers Portal.

Written by Emma Wright
Updated over a week ago

Assets You'll Need:

Before you begin, make sure you have the following assets ready:

  • Reward Banner Image

    • Artwork size: 1920px x 1080px, JPEG format, <2MB

Setting Up the Reward:

  1. Navigate to the Rewards Tab:

    • Access the Rewards tab from the menu bar.

  2. Create a New Reward:

    • Click the 'Create' button located in the top right corner.

    • Name your reward to distinguish it from others.

  3. Fill in the Reward Details:

    • Name: Give your reward a descriptive name.

    • Dates: Specify when the reward will be available.

    • Reward Description: Provide details on how to claim the reward, any terms and conditions, etc.

    • Reward Details: Set usage limits, target segments, reservation options, reward categories, and maximum redemption period.

    Example Description: "[Insert Retailer] is offering a [promotion or reward e.g. 15% off] all beauty services this weekend only. Scan the QR code at the retailer or redeem on the app and book your appointment. One reward per customer. Not redeemable on other services. T&C’s apply."

  4. Upload Reward Banners:

    • Upload the prepared reward banner image.

  5. Set Inventory and Points Required:

    • Determine the inventory available for redemption and the points required for users to redeem the reward.

    • Tip: If the offer still requires payment (e.g., 20% off deal), set the points cost to 0.

  6. Set Repeat Period (Optional):

    • If the reward is recurring, select a 'Repeat Period' from the drop-down box.

    • Choose the start and end date of the reward, and select the appropriate repeat frequency (e.g., Once a Year).

    • This ensures the reward repeats automatically within the specified timeframe. The reward will only display in the selected timeframe.

  7. Set Scanning Message:

    • Define the scanning message for users to redeem the reward in-store.

    • Example: "Scan the QR Code in-store to redeem."

  8. Click 'Create':

    • Once all details are filled in, click the 'Create' button to finalize and save the reward.

  9. Additional Tips:

    • Press the 'i' next to each component for prompts and guidance throughout the setup process.

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