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Managing Retailer Rewards Submissions: Step-by-Step Guide
Managing Retailer Rewards Submissions: Step-by-Step Guide

How to add revisions, make changes and moderate retailer content.

Written by Emma Wright
Updated over a week ago

1. Notification of New Submission:

  • Upon receiving a new submission, you'll be notified via email.

  • Log into the portal to access the submission

  • When logged in, a notification bubble will display the number of pending rewards for approval.

3. Accessing & Reviewing Pending Approvals:

  • Navigate to the "Pending Approval" tab to view an overview of pending rewards.

  • Within the "Pending Approval" tab, review each retailer submission's status and submitter.

  • Click on a reward to view its description and settings.

  • Review artwork and make necessary content overrides, such as placing provided images into templates.

5. Requiring Revisions:

  • If revisions are needed, select "Action" and then "Require Revision."

  • Add comments detailing necessary changes.

  • Comments are instantly shared with the retailer via email and within the portal.

  • They will then make the revisions and resubmit it to you for approval, and you will follow steps 1-4 again.

6. Approving Rewards:

  • If no further revisions are necessary, select "Approve."

  • Approved rewards will appear either as active or in the upcoming tab, depending on the reward's timeframe.

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