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Setting Up Your Retailer Portal Account
Setting Up Your Retailer Portal Account

Steps for retailers and businesses to successfully set up their account access.

Written by Emma Wright
Updated over a week ago

Welcome to the Retailer Portal! This guide will walk you through the process of setting up your account, updating your store listing, and submitting rewards for promotion.

1. Accepting the Invite: To get started, ensure your email has been invited to the portal. Once invited, you'll receive an email with a button prompting you to set up your password.

2. Updating Directory Information: After setting up your password, log in to your portal. Navigate to the 'Retailer Profile' tab where you can customise your store information. This includes details such as trading hours, social media links, logo, and images.

3. Submitting a Reward for Promotion: Navigate to the 'Rewards' section of the Retailer Portal to submit a reward. For a breakdown of the different input fields for reward submission, click here. After submission, the App Manager of the shopping centre or business will moderate and approve your submission. You'll receive email notifications for any comments to review.

4. Awaiting Feedback: Monitor the status of your reward submission in the 'Pending Approval' tab to stay updated on its progress.

5. Handling Rejected Rewards or Revisions: If your reward is rejected or requires revisions, you'll receive instant email notifications. In the portal, review the comments and reward information. From there, you can edit and resubmit your reward or cancel the request. If your reward is approved, it will be live on the app for the selected period.

See below to edit fields or cancel requests.

6. Change your password: To change your Retailer Portal password, please go to the 'Settings' tab of the portal.

Congratulations! You've successfully set up your account, updated your store listing, and submitted a reward for promotion. Keep an eye on your notifications and the portal for further updates on your submissions.

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