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How To: Invite Retailers to the Portal
How To: Invite Retailers to the Portal

Follow these steps to invite your retailers to their store page on the Retailer Portal.

Written by Emma Wright
Updated over a week ago

Follow these simple steps to successfully invite a retailer contact to access their store or restaurant's retailer portal:

  1. Log in to the CMS:

    • Access the Content Management System (CMS) using your credentials.

  2. Navigate to the Retailer Menu:

    • Locate and click on the "Retailer" menu situated on the left side of the CMS interface.

  3. Select the Retailer:

    • Choose the specific retailer you wish to grant access to from the list displayed.

  4. Access Retailer Settings:

    • Click on "Settings" in the submenu associated with the selected retailer.

  5. Toggle 'Retailer Portal Access' On:

    • Within the settings, locate the option for "Retailer Portal Access" and toggle it to the 'on' position.

  6. Invite Retailer Contact:

    • Input the email address of the retailer contact you wish to invite to the portal.

    • After inputting the email, press the "Save" button to send the invitation.

If your retailers need assistance setting up their account, you can direct them to this article for guidance. They need to complete the remaining steps for the invite to be successful.


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